Being a union contractor offers you the opportunity to build relationships that benefit your company for a lifetime. The union provides participating contractors with professional, safety-conscious craftsmen in New Jersey. Hiring union workers allows you to work smarter, faster, safer, and more profitably, which is vital in today’s economy.

Benefits of Union Labor

  • Experience and Skill: Union workmanship means quality work, timely completion of projects with professional and safety-conscious workers.
  • Advanced Training: The carpenters’ apprenticeship program offers a 4-year on the job training program which results in highly skilled craftsmen.
  • Efficient and Economical: Union workers are knowledgeable and arrive ready to work. Their experience and skill eliminate the need for lengthy orientations, which help the project to be cost effective and stay on budget.
  • Cooperation: DISCA has an agreement with the unions, so there is a positive relationship between union labor and management.
  • Safety: DISCA members are committed to safe job sites, by eliminating hazards, reducing health care costs, and reducing injury and disease.

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